Student & Trainee Guide


Readers and students in Equalearning are the persons to read the contents, attend the class or acquire course certification. Everything created and present in this LMS is designed for their viewing and learning enjoyment. Equalearning’s Learning Management System is designed to make attending class, participating in training, taking tests and assessments as easy as possible. They can login either via website portal ( or with the iOS and Android Equalearning App.

Login via website portal or with Equalearning App. The first view is the Home Page set up for your account.


Self Study Session

Click the Self Study menu and a list of Self Study Sessions will show up, with Certified Courses being at the top of the list when they are available. Clicking any in progress session will start it. Clicking the sort button at the up right corner can sort the sessions by New to Old, Old to New or Class Name.

Student Account - Self Study
EQL - Student Account - Self Study - lessons

Join a Lecture Session

Click the Lecture menu and the list of Lecture sessions will appear, which also consists of the Remote Lecture Sessions. When the session is due time, the Join Now button at its end will light up. Clicking this Join Now button will join this Lecture Session. Clicking the sort button at the up right corner can sort the sessions by New to Old, Old to New or Session Name.

Read Books and Learn in Library​

Click the Library menu and the list of course books will show up. Clicking any of the books and a window with its chapters will popup. Clicking any Chapter will start the reading.

Materials in the Library may also include full courses that students can take with video, audio, text, and even assessments.

EQL Student Account - Course Library


Students and Trainees are able to read report, check session and assessment results, and grades by clicking on the ‘Reports’ tab in the left Functions Menu.

Below that, you can also find ‘Personal Files’.